About us

Your journey to good health and wellness begins here

At Samāh, we believe that healing oneself starts from within – mind, body and soul. And we believe in nature’s simplicity in healing us back to health. Our vision is a shared commitment to a life where one lives each moment backed by vitality, balance and inner peace.

The Heartfelt Story Behind Samāh

Have you ever experienced persistent fatigue, chronic tiredness, a foggy mind, or found yourself self-conscious about your skin and body image? If you’ve felt any of these, know that I completely understand—I’ve been there too! It’s your body’s way of saying that your hormones are not too happy and you need to heal your gut.

Acne has been a constant companion since I was 13. Desperate for quick fixes, I turned to doctors who prescribed medications which provided temporary relief but my acne returned stronger, accompanied by weight gain and a disrupted metabolism.

I was told that with time and age, it would disappear magically, but sadly that never happened and I was further accompanied by digestive issues and bloating, painful period cramps, and severe mood swings. It was disheartening to be told that these struggles were common. Pregnancy intensified the rollercoaster of hormones, affecting not just me but my husband too, who faced digestive issues, irritability, and sleep disturbances. Researching for natural solutions led me to my holy grails – Shilajit, Seed Cycling, and Saffron.

Although I couldn’t consume Shilajit, while breastfeeding, My Husband, My Mother, and My Brother experienced transformative shifts in their health. I consumed Saffron on a daily basis and saw changes in my mood and skin.

I began my journey with Seed Cycling to balance my hormones, heal my gut and in a span of few weeks, I could see my chronic symptoms fading away. This personal experience further solidified my belief in the holistic benefits of natural elements. I knew I had to share this!

And so, Samāh was born from the genuine desire to share the life-changing impact of nature’s gifts.Here’s to the journey towards a healthier and more vibrant version of yourself

With gratitude and well-wishes,
Keerthi Aashish
Founder, Samāh